Where real estate meets genuine relationships, choose a Realtor dedicated to making you a client for life.

Welcome to, a distinctive online gateway that offers more than just real estate services—it’s a portal to building lasting relationships. Unlike the traditional transaction-focused industry norm, Robert Tarver prioritizes genuine personal connections. His philosophy is simple yet profound: turn clients into lifelong friends. This approach transcends the usual scope of property listings and sales.

Robert Tarver is not just any realtor; he’s a proud Keller Williams Realty Partners Trumbull member and the respected Rise Partners Team, which is licensed in five states.  Robert has been a paragon of real estate prowess since he began his journey in February 2016. Starting at KW in Shreveport, Louisiana, Robert has amassed a deep well of knowledge and expertise. Today, he brings this wealth of experience to clients from the bustling office in Trumbull.

For Robert, his profession is as much a passion as a career. His love for real estate matches his fondness for Milford, CT, where he resides. Milford, a town teeming with activities and opportunities, holds a special place in his heart. This local affinity enhances Robert’s ability to connect with, understand, and serve his clients effectively.

But Robert’s interests extend beyond the realms of real estate. He finds joy in meeting new people, building enduring relationships, and immersing himself in the community’s vibrancy. For any real estate inquiries or even just to get advice from a trusted local authority, Robert Tarver is always just a phone call away, ready and eager to lend a hand and share his insights.

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